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Zambian customer's properties

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Power for Rural Areas

In rural areas where the national grid does not extend, Chitendai Ltd’s solution is perfectly suited to meet the demand for electricity. For customers such as mines, rural hospitals, schools, farmers and remote villages where there are multiple loads, Chitendai's mini/micro autonomous grids will supply safe, stable and clean electricity to these communities.

Chitendai Ltd and its partners, will provide a solar solution, providing electricity to a number of properties in rural Zambia.

The Zambia SMART Distributed Solar Installation Projects

The solar installations will supply the customer’s properties with all the electricity that they need. The process will begin with a detailed feasibility study which will determine the specifics of an installation such as detailed project costs and necessary licenses. Weekly/monthly reports will be provided on the performance of each solar panel and the energy consumed by the customer’s properties.

Zambian customer's properties

Our Approach

Our aim is to develop a relationship with you right from the start of the project and throughout the life of the installation, ensuring that your installation operates at maximum capacity.

Zambian customer's properties

Our Technology

iRadiance Solar Module

  • Uses Gallium based semiconductor material (GaAs).
  • to increase energy density (energy per square meter) by nearly a factor of 2, compared to silicon solar cells, and
  • Uses a unique low cost and light weight Sun tracking mechanism, which means
  • iRadiance can be installed on residential roof-tops, and
  • it also ensures that energy generation is maximized ALL DAY.

iRadiance solar panel features are:

  • Highly efficiency (>30% efficient),
  • Tracks the Sun along 2 axes (solar tracking alone increases energy production by up to 46%), consequently,
  • Generate 4 times more energy than standard silicon PV
  • Energy payback period is within 1.5 years.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control – with an electronics board on each module, Chitendai can monitor the performance of each module.
  • Self-calibration mechanism – The self-calibration mechanism is designed to ensure that each module is tracking the Sun accurately, to within 0.3°. It means periodically, Chitendai Ltd will remotely check each module is tracking the Sun accurately. This is to ensure the best ROI.
Inverters, Batteries, Transformers

Our Technology

Inverters, Batteries, Transformers

Whilst there is direct sunshine the solar panels will be operating at high efficiency. However, when a cloud moves between the Sun and the solar panel, the amount of electricity that will be generated will drop. This is the problem of solar as an intermittent source of energy. A renewable energy installation will require intelligent systems to avoid stresses to both the grid and your solar installation particularly when brown-outs and black-outs are frequent.

Together with our partners Chitendai Ltd is uniquely positioned to integrate your solar installation to your national grid efficiently, economically and securely to give you peace of mind. We have intelligent grid integration technologies, with local system management capabilities and intelligent connection allowing for automated grid distribution. This is offered in an all in one modular energy storage system offers reduced project risk and cost thanks to its simple installation, small footprint, and lightweight construction. It also offers low operating costs thanks to its enclosed cooling and durable housing.

Our industry-leading renewable energy solutions will help you generate ALL your electricity needs in an islanded mode, whilst having a secure grid connection with automated grid stabilisation and good quality voltage. Furthermore, our forecasting software can help you plan your required grid sourced electricity requirement when consumption in one period has been exceptionally high, or when you can sell some power back to the grid when consumption has been low. This can help you reduce uncertainty associated with solar power generation commitments by taking advance weather data into account.

  • Hybrid high-power multi-port inverter eliminates need for separate solar & storage inverters
  • Significant reduction in OPEX and installation costs
  • Grid services
  • Off-grid/on-grid
  • UPS/SRT/Grid bridging system
  • Visually unobtrusive and available in any RAL colour