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Putting Power in Your Hands

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up to 20%
Return on
up to 40%
Reduction in the cost of electricity per kwh compared to grid power
up to 4x
more energy per m2 than standard solar installation

We work on solar renewable projects in many countries around the world.

Chitendai Ltd is a Scottish renewable energy company that combines advanced solar and microelectronic technologies to develop SMART solar installations. This increases power system efficiency, reliability, sustainability and stability.

Chitendai Ltd’s solar installations offer customers a smart route to highly efficient, reliable and cost effective electricity generation and supply, ensuring the best returns on investment.

Chenayi Browning

18+ years of legal experience, with a focus on commercial and international law.

London School of Economics and Columbia University School of Law| United Nations | International Monetary Fund

Ainslie ChinembiriAinslie Chinembiri

Ainslie has spent 12+ years delivering business critical solutions for UK banks, before setting up Chitendai Ltd.

University of Glasgow | Lloyds Banking Group / Royal Bank of Scotland

Joan ChanJoan Chan

17+ years management consulting experience. Specialize in go-to-market, service, and customer experience.

University of Michigan Business School | PwC - Director, Advisory Services

How we work

Chitendai works with experienced partners to ensure quality of goods and services are provided, regardless of the size of the installation.

We will work together with Energy Regulators and the Grid to:

  • Secure energy supply for customers and maintain integrity of the grid system
  • Manage energy flows efficiently
  • Integrate multiple generation systems

The SMART components of our installations allows for:

  • Remote monitoring and control, and SMART metering,
  • Lower cost per kWh for customers (because electricity generation is near where electricity is consumed),
  • Facilitate Electric Vehicle charge points around the country.

Partners include

sanan optoelectronic
heriot watt university
Innovate UK
Old Mutual alternative investments

Development of Solar Installations

Chitendai Ltd is presently focused on developing C&I (Commercial and Industrial) and utility scale projects in Africa.

In developing solar installations Chitendai Ltd will undertake:-

  • Requirements analysis and conceptual design
  • Detailed design and build
  • EPC programme management
  • Asset management and operational efficiency
  • Reliability and through-life support
  • Delivery of power to Agricultural irrigation systems.
  • Rural hospitals and clinics.
  • Remote industrial sites such as mines.
  • Rural villages, farms and homes where grid connection is not available.
  • Commercial Office buildings based in cities and towns where grid connection exists.
  • Urban hospitals and shopping centers.
  • Airports and entertainment stadia, e.g. Olympic Stadium
  • Save Infrastructure Costs (generation costs, Transmission lines and transformer costs)
  • Reduce Transmission line losses
  • Reduce congestion relief
  • Improve power quality
  • Improve congestion relief
  • Improve frequency regulation

Supplier of Technology / Components for Solar Developers


Chitendai Ltd is also able to act simply as a supplier of:

  • Solar modules
  • Inverters
  • Battery storage solutions
  • Transformers

In the Construction phase of the development of solar installation.

Support Services

It is becoming increasingly important for investors and owners of renewable power to monitor and manage installations in order to improve productivity and reduce costs.

The economic justification for an installation is not only based on engineering criteria related to Operation and Maintenance (O&M), but they have become increasingly more focused on Return On Assets (ROA) and Research and Development.

These services typically consist of:

  • Monitoring the condition and identifying performance problems of assets.
  • Improving predictive maintenance (reducing downtime).
  • Optimising asset lifecycles and evaluating the impact of asset failure.
  • Having access to service engineers and product experts.
  • Ensuring compliance to safety and security regulations.
  • Reduce costs as a result of fewer operator visits
  • Better use of scheduled site visits
  • Faster responses to faults
  • To measure performance of solar panels against a benchmarked level
  • Remote Monitoring

The main features of these remote services are:

  • Management of plants from the same web portal
  • Automatic notification of faults or significant events
  • Automatic and manual schedule of interventions
  • Details about interventions and results
  • Knowledge database of interventions according to plants
  • Automatic reports on production and operators’ actions
  • Integration of video surveillance systems
  • Spare parts management
  • Periodic and automatic recovery of backup from the remote service server
  • Remote operator available 24/7 on the replica of local operator station for:
    • Management of the field operator’s first intervention
    • Management of specialist’s corrective maintenance actions
    • Diagnostic analysis with the technical team

The benefits of this approach are:

  • Online remote monitoring of plant KPI’s improves plant performance
  • Avoiding penalties due to low-performance
  • Fast response when emergency support is needed
  • Automated diagnostic tools and remote experts reduce resolution time
    • Analysis possible across a plant fleet. Data Monitoring

The main functions in data collection are as follows:

  • Collect diagnostic data from node(s) in a distributed system:
    • System diagnostic data,
    • Process data, alarms/events,
    • Log files,
    • System report
  • The data collected by the agent software are in turn used as follows:
    • Explore the contents of the collected data,
    • Analyse relevant parts of the collected data,
    • Dashboard report generation,
    • Statistics, etc.

How Projects are Delivered

  • Contact
    Step 1 - Contact
    Get in touch with one of our Experts
  • Analysis
    Step 2 - Analysis
    Our trained colleagues will evaluate your requirements
  • Propose
    Step 3 - Propose
    Chitendai Ltd will present a Product/ Service offering based on your requirements
  • Secure
    Step 4 - Secure
    If you are happy to proceed, the engagement will be made more formal
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Our Technology

iRadiance Solar Module


  • Uses Gallium based semiconductor material (GaAs).
  • to increase energy density (energy per square meter) by nearly a factor of 2, compared to silicon solar cells, and
  • Uses a unique low cost and light weight Sun tracking mechanism, which means
  • iRadiance can be installed on residential roof-tops, and
  • it also ensures that energy generation is maximised ALL DAY.

iRadiance solar panel features are:

  • High efficiency (>30% efficient),
  • Tracks the Sun along 2 axes (solar tracking alone increases energy production by up to 46%), consequently,
  • Generate 4 times more energy than standard silicon PV
  • Energy payback period is within 1.5 years.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control – with an electronics board on each module, Chitendai can monitor the performance of each module.
  • Self-calibration mechanism – The self-calibration mechanism is designed to ensure that each module is tracking the Sun accurately, to within 0.3°. It means periodically, Chitendai Ltd will remotely check each module is tracking the Sun accurately. This is to ensure the best ROI.
Inverters, Batteries, Transformers

Our Technology

Inverters, Batteries, Transformers

Whilst there is direct sunshine the solar panels will be operating at high efficiency. However, when a cloud moves between the Sun and the solar panel, the amount of electricity that will be generated will drop. This is the problem of solar as an intermittent source of energy. A renewable energy installation will require intelligent systems to avoid stresses to both the grid and your solar installation particularly when brown-outs and black-outs are frequent.

Together with our partners Chitendai Ltd is uniquely positioned to integrate your solar installation to your national grid efficiently, economically and securely to give you peace of mind. We have intelligent grid integration technologies, with local system management capabilities and intelligent connection allowing for automated grid distribution. This is offered in an all in one modular energy storage system offers reduced project risk and cost thanks to its simple installation, small footprint, and lightweight construction. It also offers low operating costs thanks to its enclosed cooling and durable housing.

Our industry-leading renewable energy solutions will help you generate ALL your electricity needs, whilst having a secure grid connection with automated grid stabilisation and good quality voltage.

Furthermore, our forecasting software can help you plan your required grid sourced electricity requirement when consumption in one period has been exceptionally high, or when you can sell some power back to the grid when consumption has been low. This can help you reduce uncertainty associated with solar power generation commitments by taking advance weather data into account.

  • Hybrid high-power multi-port inverter eliminates need for separate solar & storage inverters
  • Significant reduction in OPEX and installation costs
  • Grid services
  • Off-grid/on-grid
  • UPS/SRT/Grid bridging system
  • Visually unobtrusive and available in any RAL colour
Case Study

Zambian customer's properties

Working with a world class team of consultants, Chitendai Ltd can facilitate all aspects from solar plant design specifications, scoping of work through to full operational and providing analytics, generation and power solutions spanning the entire energy cycle to avoid power shortages and blackouts.

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