Caring about people, climate and bio diversity

We are a Scottish renewable energy technology company that combines advanced solar and microelectronic technologies to develop SMART solar installations for countries around the world.

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up to 20%
Return on
up to 40%
Reduction in the cost of electricity per kwh compared to grid power
up to 4x
more energy per m2 than standard solar installation

We work on solar renewable energy projects in the tropics & hot subtropical regions of the Earth

Made in Britain UKRI
panel and research

Used in 20+ countries

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Our technology and research

Our technology consists of the iRadiance Solar module and its advanced system.

Our projects

Making renewable energy more accessible and affordable is key to addressing the challenge of universal access to electricity.

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We provide 3 main services to our clients

What clients say

Working on a wide range of projects across the world has allowed us to meet some incredible people.

Excellent service provided by Chitendai they have exceeded our expectations

United Church of Zambia

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