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Chitendai solar installations offer customers a smart route to highly efficient, reliable and cost effective electricity generation and supply, ensuring the best returns on investment.

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Solar Module

Uses Gallium based semiconductor material (GaAs) to increase energy density (energy per square meter) by nearly a factor of 2, compared to silicon solar cells, and

Uses a unique low cost and light weight Sun tracking mechanism, which means

  • iRadiance can be installed on residential roof-tops
  • it also ensures that energy generation is maximized ALL DAY.
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Iradiance features


Highly efficiency (>30% efficient)


Tracks the Sun along 2 axes (solar tracking alone increases energy production by up to 46%), consequently


Generate 4 times more energy than standard silicon PV


Energy payback period is within 1.5 years.


Remote Monitoring and Control – with an electronics board on each module, Chitendai can monitor the performance of each module.


The self-calibration mechanism is designed to ensure that each module is tracking the Sun accurately, to within 0.3°. This is to ensure the best ROI.


Inverters, Batteries, Transformers

Whilst there is direct sunshine the solar panels will be operating at high efficiency. However, when a cloud moves between the Sun and the solar panel, the amount of electricity that will be generated will drop. This is the problem of solar as an intermittent source of energy.

A renewable energy installation will require intelligent systems to avoid stresses to both the grid and your solar installation particularly when brown-outs and black-outs are frequent.

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