About Chitendai

We are a Scottish renewable energy technology company that: Develops solar installations and is the manufacturer of the iRadiance solar panel.

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Our vision

Our vision is for everyone in the Tropics and the hot Subtropical region of the Earth to be powered solely from clean renewable energy sources whilst having no negative impact on biodiversity and the natural environment.

We do what we do because, We Care. We care about:


3.5 billion people do not have access to a reliable supply of electricity.


The impact that unsustainable fuels and greenhouse gas emissions have on communities worldwide


70% of the world’s large scale renewable energy facilities operate within boundaries of areas important for Biodiversity.

(International Union for Conservation of Nature Director-General, Bruno Oberle) Mitigating biodiversity impacts associated with solar and wind energy presentation Wednesday, 24 February 2021, IUCN

Our People

Ainslie ChinembiriAinslie Chinembiri

Ainslie has spent 12+ years delivering business critical solutions for UK banks, before setting up Chitendai Ltd.

University of Glasgow | Lloyds Banking Group / Royal Bank of Scotland

Joan ChanJoan Chan

17+ years management consulting experience. Specialize in go-to-market, service, and customer experience.

University of Michigan Business School | PwC - Director, Advisory Services

What clients say

Working on a wide range of projects across the world has allowed us to meet some incredible people.

Excellent service provided by Chitendai they have exceeded our expectations

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