Support services

It is becoming increasingly important for investors and owners of renewable power to monitor and manage installations in order to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Our Approach

Monitoring and maintenance

The economic justification for an installation is not only based on engineering criteria related to Operation and Maintenance (O&M), but they have become increasingly more focused on Return On Assets (ROA) and Research and Development.

These services typically consist of:

  • Monitoring the condition and identifying performance problems of assets.
  • Improving predictive maintenance (reducing downtime).
  • Optimising asset lifecycles and evaluating the impact of asset failure.
  • Having access to service engineers and product experts.
  • Ensuring compliance to safety and security regulations.
  • Reduce costs as a result of fewer operator visits
  • Better use of scheduled site visits
  • Faster responses to faults
  • To measure performance of solar panels against a benchmarked level

Remote Monitoring

Main features

Management of plants from the same web portal.

Automatic notification of faults or significant events.

Automatic and manual schedule of interventions.

Details about interventions and results.

Knowledge database of interventions according to plants.

Automatic reports on production and operators’ actions.

Integration of video surveillance systems.

Spare parts management.

Periodic and automatic recovery of backup from the remote service server.

Remote operator available 24/7 on the replica of local operator station


Online remote monitoring of plant KPI’s improves plant performance.

Avoiding penalties due to low-performance.

Fast response when emergency support is needed.

Automated diagnostic tools and remote experts reduce resolution time.

Data Monitoring

Collect diagnostic data from node(s) in a distributed system: System diagnostic data Process data, alarms/events Log files System report

The data collected by the agent software are in turn used as follows: Explore the contents of the collected data, Analyse relevant parts of the collected data, Dashboard report generation, Statistics, etc.

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