Solar Development

Chitendai Ltd is presently focused on developing C&I (Commercial and Industrial) and utility scale projects in Africa.

Our Approach

Development of solar installations

In developing solar installations Chitendai will undertake:-

  • Requirements analysis and conceptual design
  • Detailed design and build
  • EPC programme management
  • Asset management and operational efficiency
  • Reliability and through-life support

Types of installation


Delivery of power to Agricultural irrigation systems.

Rural hospitals and clinics.

Remote industrial sites such as mines.

Rural villages, farms and homes where grid connection is not available.


Commercial Office buildings based in cities and towns where grid connection exists.

Urban hospitals and shopping centers.

Airports and entertainment stadia, e.g. Olympic Stadium

SMART Mini-grid

Save Infrastructure Costs (generation costs, Transmission lines and transformer costs)

Reduce Transmission line losses

Reduce congestion relief

Improve power quality

Improve congestion relief

Improve frequency regulation

Partners include